Welcome to This Logophile Life! I begin this blog as I embark on a new chapter in life. Everyone reacts to grief differently and when we lost my dad in 2017 after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis, it was a wake-up call to make “why not?” my new mantra. Not a flip, noncommittal response, but truly asking the question.

Really – why not? My dad lived the last decade of his life so limited in his abilities that he was unable to do the things he loved. If I have the ability, why would I not take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way?

Why not join a friend in Scotland for her birthday or take a spin down the Olympic bobsled run? Why not trek a glacier in Patagonia or make a quick three-day weekend trip to Hawaii? It’s not a life’s-too-short thing. More of a you-only-get-one thing. One chance to experience as much as possible and spend time on the people and things we love most.

And for more than 30 years, I’ve known the thing I love doing most is writing. Books, plays, poetry, songs, screenplays, articles. I love words and how a paragraph can change my perspective. A single sentence can inspire me or make me burst out laughing. A turn of phrase can bring me to tears.

My parents gave me a boombox when I was about eight years old and on it I recorded my first song – Polka-Dot Polka. Feel free to laugh. (A cassette recording still exists that I just can’t bring myself to destroy.) I began writing my first book a year or two later and I can still clearly picture protagonist Leonie Anderson in her neon pink jacket, perfectly coifed bangs and lime green scrunchie.

But slowly, the tide of life crept in. It wasn’t that I completely put writing on the back burner – along the way, I got my undergrad degree in journalism, wrote for a couple of newspapers, finally finished a novel in my twenties, and spent several years studying comedy writing – but it became something I dabbled at when I had the time. And I seemed to find the time less and less often.

So I suppose it was inevitable when I started asking myself Why not? that I would eventually ask Why am I not writing? If the “Caution: Risk of Death Beyond This Point” sign didn’t stop me from getting in that bobsled and the fear of falling in a glacier’s crevasse didn’t stop me from lacing on crampons, why would I not risk the same to write? It’s certainly a whole lot safer.

So, here it goes… On June 1, 2018, I am leaving my fantastic job in the corporate world to see what happens when we focus all our efforts on the thing we’ve always dreamed of doing. No plan except to follow my passion for writing and see where this adventure takes me. And I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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